Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Limit, Fees, and Cutt Off Times

Wells Fargo customers can enjoy the hassle-free and convenient service of mobile deposits for checks.

The service enables customers to deposit mobile checks 24/7 and without any extra charges. Most account holders having a checking or savings account are eligible for this service.

Let’s dive into the details of Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Limit, Fees, and Cutt Off Times

Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Service

Wells Fargo offers check deposits through its mobile banking app conveniently for its customers. You can skip the hassle of queues at bank branches or even ATMs and can deposit checks through your tablets or smartphones easily.

All you have to do is to download the Wells Fargo mobile banking app on your Android or IOS device. Then, register for mobile banking and activate your online banking account.

Once your account is set for mobile banking, you can use the mobile app to deposit checks to your regular checking or savings accounts easily.

For most customers, this service does not come with additional banking fees or any other charges. Like any other mobile banking app service, this mobile deposit service is also available 24/7 for you.

What is Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Limit?

The official mobile deposit limit from Wells Fargo is not disclosed through its website. However, mobile app users can confirm the available limit before depositing the check.

Once you log in to your mobile banking app account, select the bank account you want to deposit the check. Then, enter the check amount and verify the available limit for each bank account.

The check deposit limit may vary depending on your bank account and the volume of your monthly deposits for all accounts with Wells Fargo.

Usually, this check deposit limit ranges from $500 to $2,500 per day for each bank account. However, you can contact Wells Fargo customer care services to enhance this daily limit.

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How Much Does Wells Fargo Charge for Mobile Deposits?

There are no charges for check deposits for Wells Fargo account holders through this service.

So, you can enjoy 24/7 check deposits through mobile banking without paying anything extra. The only charges you may pay are the mobile carrier charges or data charges for using the mobile banking app.

What are the Cut Off Times for Wells Fargo Mobile Deposits?

The cut-off time for check deposits through Wells Fargo mobile banking app is 9 pm Pacific Time through business days.

The business days are from Monday to Friday excluding any federal banking holidays.

Any check deposited before 9 pm Pacific Time will be cleared on the next business to your bank account. Any check deposits made after 9 pm Pacific Time will be cleared one day after they are deposited into your account.

So, if you deposit a check on Friday Evening after 9 pm Pacific time or through the weekend, it will be cleared on Monday.

Some check deposits may take longer or face an unexpected delay as well.

Step-By-Step Guide to Use the Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Service

All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a stable internet connection to get started with Wells Fargo mobile deposits.

Step 01

Download the Wells Fargo mobile banking app from your Google or Apple Play store for your smartphone first.

Step 02

Register and activate your mobile banking account with Wells Fargo by using online instructions. Set your account login and password in this step.

Step 03

Singin to your mobile banking account and locate the “deposit check” link from the menu.

Step 04

Select the bank account you want to use for check deposits. You can make it “set as my default bank account” too in this step.

Enter the check amount and verify your available account limit in this step.

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Step 05

Take photos of the check from both sides and upload them to your account.

Also, endorse the check by writing “For Mobile Deposit at Wells Fargo Only” below the signature line.

Make sure to capture the full length and width of the check from both sides and the image is clear to read the amount, date, and signatures.

Finally, select deposit from the drop-down list to complete the check deposit process.

Which Types of Deposits Are Possible Through Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit most types of personal and business checks into your bank account using mobile deposits.

The check should be issued by a US bank and in US Dollars. It must be signed by the issuer and endorsed by the depositor.

Some common examples of unacceptable checks through mobile deposits are:

  • International checks and checks with non-US Dollar currency.
  • US savings bonds and money orders
  • Non-American Express traveler’s checks
  • Checks with non-machine readable data
  • Cash or duplicate checks

The paper check should also be in clear condition to be deposited and the images taken must be clear to process the check through the Wells Fargo mobile deposit method.

Pros and Cons of Using Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit

Wells Fargo offers a convenient option of using mobile banking for check deposits.

Some key benefits of using Wells Fargo mobile deposit are:

  • It’s convenient, free, and available 24/7 for customers.
  • You do not require any software or specific tools to process check deposits.
  • You can receive the check amount as soon as the next banking day.
  • It takes a few minutes to complete the whole process.

Some drawbacks of using Wells Fargo mobile deposit are:

  • Most accounts come with small check deposit limits for mobile deposits.
  • Customers may have to wait through weekends or holidays to get the check amount.
  • Many types of checks, money orders, and other instruments cannot be processed through this method.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Wells Fargo Mobile Deposits

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Wells Fargo mobile deposits.

Who is Eligible for Wells Fargo Mobile Deposit Service?

All customers having a regular checking or savings bank account with Wells Fargo are eligible to download and use its mobile deposit services.

When Will the Funds Be Available in My Account?

The funds can be available as soon as the next banking day after depositing them in your bank account. However, it usually takes one business day to clear mobile check deposits.

Why My Mobile Deposit Transaction is Delayed?

The delay may be due to the bank account limit exceeding, an error on the check, a check deposit after the cut-off time, or any other technical issue from the bank side.

If the check is rejected, you’ll receive an alert in your mobile banking account notifications.

Should I Keep the Original Check After the Mobile Deposit?

Yes. you should keep the original check for at least 5 business days for safety purposes as you may need to bring the original check if there is any dispute from the issuer side.

Should I Endorse the Check Before the Mobile Deposit?

Yes, you should endorse the check before submitting it for deposit and clearance.

How Will I Know If My Check Is Cleared?

You’ll receive a credit amount notification through your mobile banking app. You can also check the balance before and after depositing the check for confirmation.

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