This category covers all kinds of topics in finance including corporate finance and financial management. The topics on financial institution and stock exchange will also be included.

Are Scrip Dividends Taxable?

Scrip dividends are taxable in most cases as cash dividends. However, these special dividends offer shareholders a chance to retain additional stocks and avoid immediate tax liabilities. Let us discuss what are scrip dividends and their tax treatment in different scenarios. What are Scrip Dividends? Scrip dividends are new stocks issued to shareholders by a …

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What is the Indifference Curve?

The indifference curve describes consumer behavior when they are indifferent between two goods with budget constraints. It links the relationship of choosing one good over the other by keeping the total utility constant at any point. Let us explain what is indifference curve, what are its characteristics, and its limitations in the practical world. What …

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What is Capital Infusion?

The capital infusion is a widely used term for investments made in entities under financial difficulties. It comes in the form of debt and equity. Let us discuss what is capital infusion and how it works. What is Capital Infusion? Capital Infusion refers to investment in a company or project through debt, equity, or both. …

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