How to Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment? An Ultimate Guide

You can use different payment methods to pay for your Best Buy credit cards, including online payment, phone banking, mobile app, or by sending checks.

Best Buy issues its credit cards through Citibank. So, linking your Citibank account is the easiest way to pay for your credit card bills.

Let us discuss how you can make a Best Buy credit card payment using different options.

How Do Best Buy Credit Cards Work?

Best Buy offers two types of credit cards in partnership with Citibank. Both these credit cards are issued by Citibank and you can apply them at Best Buy stores or online.

Best Buy Visa Card

This is the standard credit card that you get from any commercial bank or credit union. It is powered by VISA and issued by Citibank for Best Buy customers.

You can apply for this VISA credit card at any Citibank branch, Best Buy store outlet, or online through Best Buy.

Best Buy does not require a credit check for issuing the credit card. However, after initial approval from Best Buy, Citibank may evaluate your credit report by pulling a hard credit check.

Generally, you’ll need a good credit score to qualify. Your credit card limit will depend on your credit score, monthly gross income, and other financial indicators as appraised by Citibank.

Once approved, you can use this card at Best Buy or any other type of transaction as you do with any other VISA card.

Best Buy Credit Card

This is a private-labeled credit card issued by Citibank for Best Buy customers only. You can apply for this credit card through Best Buy or Citibank.

Unlike the VISA card, this card can only be used for shopping at Best Buy. However, you can use it for in-store purchases as well as online shopping at

You can then use this credit card to obtain different financing options and discounts as available.

How to Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment?

Whether you use the VISA card or Best Buy credit card, you’ll have to top it up for payments and recharge it time and again.

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You can use different options to recharge your credit cards with several options. Some options are instant and free, others come with a delay and may cost you some money as well.

Let us review how to make a Best Buy Credit payment with different methods.

Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment Online with Citibank

The easiest way to recharge your Best Buy credit cards is by linking your Citibank account with these cards.

Then, you can log in and make a one-time payment or schedule monthly payments for your credit card.

Here are a few key steps to follow:

  • Create an online banking account with Citibank. Then, register for linking your Best Buy account and Citibank account.
  • You can link both accounts through the Best Buy website or Citibank sign-up page.
  • If you are registering for the first time, you’ll need the following:
    • Card number
    • Name as it appears on the card
    • Security code (CVV) of your card
    • Last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • Then, continue to choose your username and password.
  • Follow the steps to provide essential information.

You can log in through Best Buy or Citibank pages to recharge these credit cards through your Citibank account. You can also set transfer limits or select auto pay to transfer a specific amount monthly.

Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment with Citibank Mobile App

For further convenience, you can download the Best Buy mobile app. You can then link your Best Buy credit card to your Citibank account using the same method outlined above.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Best Buy mobile application.
  • Register your credit card and create a username and password.
  • Once your account is completed, link it with your Citibank account.
  • Navigate the menu and use the “Make a Payment” option to pay for your credit card bill.
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This app is available for both IOS and Android mobiles.

Note: You can also use Citibank mobile banking app to connect your Best Buy credit cards with your bank account.

Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment by Check or Money Order

You can pay for your Best Buy bills or credit cards through a check, money order, or cashier’s checks as well.

You can use both personal and business bank accounts for sending paper checks or cashier’s checks.

Use the mailing address given on your credit card statement to send in these instruments. Best Buy may provide different mailing addresses for urgent deliveries, delayed payments, and disputed payments.

You can verify your mailing address by calling the helpline as well.

Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment by Phone

Another convenient and easy method to repay your credit card bill is through phone banking. You’ll need to activate phone banking for your Citibank account first.

If you have already activated phone banking, you can call Citibank phone service at any time. This service has an automated navigation menu for your convenience.

You can choose the Best Buy credit card payment option from the menu. Then, choose the amount you want to pay which will be deducted from your Citibank account.

You’ll need your bank account number, banking routing number, Best Buy credit card number, and other identification details.

Make a Best Buy Credit Card Payment by Cash

If you prefer paying by cash, you can use this method to repay your Best Buy credit card bills as well.

A cash payment option for your credit card installment and the full amount is available at Best Buy store outlets. You’ll need to provide credit card or customer account details at the counter.

Other Methods to Pay Your Bills at Best Buy

Best Buy credit cards are useful options when shopping at Best Buy stores or online. However, you can use one of the following other available options for purchases and monthly payment plans as well.

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Best Buy Pay, Reward Certificates, and Gift Cards

You can use one of these convenient methods to pay for Best Buy shopping.

Best Buy Pay is the digital version of your credit card. You can use it to pay for shopping at stores or online without needing your plastic card.

Similarly, you can use Best Buy gift cards to pay for your shopping bill or credit card payment at stores.

The reward certificate is another simple method to convert your reward points to pay for shopping bills.

Credit Cards

Best Buy accepts all major brands of credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.

So, if you don’t have a bank account with Citibank and you’re using any other credit card, you can easily swipe it at Best Buy stores or online shopping.

Digital Wallets

Best Buy accepts payments through leading digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay as well.

Digital wallets can also be used for online shopping at or in-store purchases.


Use PayPal for a convenient shopping experience at Best Buy stores and online purchasing.

Vendor Coupons

You can also use vendor coupons issued by Best Buy partners. These coupons can be used for in-store shopping.

Cash, Checks, and Cashier’s Checks

Other payment options for Best Buy customers include payments through cash at counters and checks.

You can send a bank check, money order, or a cashier’s check for your purchase bill to Best Buy. These methods are acceptable for payments against your credit card as well.

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