Is Google Financing Hard to Get? Google Financing Requirements and More

Google financing is offered through Synchrony bank and it does not require any hard requirements. You can easily apply for this facility online with a few simple steps.

Let us guide you through Google financing requirements, its pros and cons, and more.

What is Google Financing?

Google financing comes through a credit card issued in partnership with Synchrony bank. It is a “buy now, pay later” financing facility for its customers shopping at the Google store.

Customers can only use Google financing to purchase at the Google store. Although it is a credit facility, it cannot be used elsewhere.

Customers can then choose from one of the three financing options available. The application for financing is online and you can apply for it before the checkout on your purchases at the Google store.

0% APR

The first financing option is a 0% APR offer on selective phones and other qualifying purchases at the Google store.

Borrowers do not pay any interest charges if they repay the full amount within 24 months. It means the total purchase bill will be divided into 24 equal installments.

The financing offer is managed through Synchrony bank. The credit approval and application processing are online.

However, this offer is a deferred interest-cost option. It means if you do not repay the full amount within 24 months, you’ll have to pay the accrued interest on the remaining balance from day one.

Since the total bill is divided into equal monthly installments (including sales tax, shipping charges, and other costs), you should be able to repay the full loan amount without paying interest charges.

6-Months Installments

The next option is to pay your total purchase bill in 6 monthly installments. This offer is valid only for purchases above $149 and below $299.

You do not pay any interest charges if you repay the loan amount within 6 months. However, if there is any remaining balance after 6 months, you’ll have to pay the accrued interest on that amount from day one.

Again, this financing offer is valid for phone and Google store-qualifying purchases only. It cannot be used outside of it for other purchases.

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12-Months Installments

Similar to the 6-month installment plan, you can choose the 12-month installment plan. This option is also a 0% interest rate offer for Google phones and other qualifying purchases.

The 12-months installment plan is valid for purchases above $299. This amount is calculated for a single transaction and before applying any discounts, sales tax, shipping charges, and other costs.

Both these installment plans are promotional offers. It means these loan terms can change at any time.

Also, the credit approval comes from Synchrony bank which largely depends on the credit score of the applicant.

Is Google Financing Hard to Get?

Google financing is not that hard to get as it is a credit card offer with an estimated credit limit of around $1,000 in most cases.

The exact credit limit and the approval depend on the application assessment made by Synchrony bank though.

Google store customers can apply for this financing within a few minutes online. All they have to do is to select the monthly installment plan option before checkout.

The credit application is online and new customers can create an account easily with Synchrony bank and apply for a credit card instantly.

Once approved, customers can choose from one of the three payment plans as discussed above. Most customers with average or good credit scores are likely to get approval for their Google store purchases for this offer.

How to Apply for Google Financing?

The application process for Google financing is online and takes a few simple steps to complete.

You can create a Google finance account with Synchrony bank online. Register your details like name, date of birth, social security number, etc.

Once your account is available, you can choose the “monthly payment plan” option.

Complete your transaction through the approved credit and pay over monthly installments.

Google store customers have to apply for financing once. They can make multiple purchases up to the approved credit limit without applying for financing again.

As long as you choose the 0% APR options on all purchases, you do not have to pay interest charges. However, multiple transactions will increase your monthly payment amount.

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What are the Requirements to Apply for Google Financing?

Google financing is approved by Synchrony bank. This facility closely resembles a credit card revolving financing facility.

The exact requirements to apply for Google financing are not disclosed officially but we can analyze them generally.

Google financing typically ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. It is a “buy now, pay later” financing facility. Most BNPL lenders accept applications with average credit scores in the range of 620.

We can expect the same from Synchrony bank when assessing Google financing applications.

Similarly, your monthly income is an important factor in determining the credit limit. As with any other credit facility, the higher the monthly income the better it is for the applicants.

You must be 18 years old and provide your complete name, date of birth, address, and social security number. Synchrony bank will utilize this information to evaluate your credit score and other important information.

How to Cancel Your Google Financing Credit Card?

You can manage your Google financing through Synchrony bank’s online portal. You can use online access to view statements, monthly payment history, due dates, and remaining balances.

If you want to cancel the Google financing credit card, you must clear the dues first. Once you have paid off all dues, you can request a credit card cancellation.

You can send a request through Synchrony bank’s online portal. Otherwise, you can call the customer support team for assistance.

Pros and Cons of Google Financing

Google financing is a useful credit facility that offers some pros and cons to its users.

Pros Explained

Customers can easily apply for Google financing through the online portal in a few simple steps.

It does not affect your credit score to apply for this financing facility. Also, you do not need to pledge anything as collateral.

It is a simple “buy now, pay later” facility with 0% APR and flexible monthly installment plans. Customers can make multiple purchases up to the approved credit limit without applying for a loan every time.

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Like other BNPL facilities, it does not come with an annual fee. There is no loan originating or other types of costs as well.

Cons Explained

Google Financing can only be used for Google store purchases. You cannot utilize this credit facility for other online purchases.

The credit limit is not disclosed officially but the estimated one is below par as compared to its competitors.

Although it does not charge an annual fee, there is a late fee penalty of $40 per occurrence which is relatively higher.

It includes deferred interest terms at 29.99% APR currently. It means if you do not repay the full amount within the loan terms, you must repay the accrued interest from the date of purchase.

Also, Google does not disclose much information about payment rescheduling, credit score requirements, and other important aspects of this financing option.

Alternatives to Google Financing

Customers can use a few alternatives to Google financing.


Affirm is a leading credit financing facility with “buy now, pay later” services. It offers a comprehensive financing facility that can be used at millions of online and offline stores.


Klarna is another popular “buy now, pay later” financing facility. It also offers 0% APR loans and other flexible monthly payment plans.

You can use Klarna for all types of purchases including Google store purchases.

Credit Cards

Another possible option for you is to use a standard credit card. If you repay the full amount within the grace period, you do not have to pay interest charges. 

However, credit cards come with the highest interest rates.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is another useful option when considering online purchases like buying a phone from Google Store. You can use the approved loan for any other purpose as well.

However, a personal loan does not offer you a 0% APR chance.

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