Does the Source Offer Financing? How to Get PayBright Financing from the Source?

The Source offers financing through its third-party financing partner PayBright. Customers can obtain instant financing when shopping at store outlets or online.

You do not need a credit score to apply for this financing plan either. However, PayBright will perform a soft credit check to evaluate your credit application.

The Source offers a wide range of electronics, TV, computers, gaming, and travel items from leading global brands.

Let us discuss what financing the Source offer and your alternative options.

What Does the Source Offer?

The Source is one of the leading tech and electronics retail brands in Canada. It offers a wide range of electronics items from leading global brands.

You can find your favorite tech gadgets at reasonable prices combined with different promotions and financing options at the Source.

Here are a few broader categories to shop at the Source.

  • Computers and Tablets
  • TVs and Home Theatre
  • Audio and Headphones
  • Bell TV
  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras
  • Gaming
  • Business equipment and office supplies
  • Toys, Recreational, and Travel items

You’ll find most global brands under these broader categories. The Source offers a welcome bonus of $10 on your first purchases of $100 0r more.

Does the Source Offer financing?

The Source offers its financing program through PayBright. It is a partner lender of Affirm in Canada.

Customers making purchases on the Source can apply online for credit terms. It is a simple “Buy Now, Pay Later” program for customers.

The Source financing plan can be obtained through shopping at a store outlet or online. You can simply select the PayBright payment option at the counter before making a payment.

Then, you’ll need to create a new account with PayBright if you don’t have one already. Your online application will be processed in a few minutes by PayBright.

The Source does not require a specific credit score or any other requirement for your financing approval. However, as a third-party lender, PayBright will evaluate your creditworthiness and set the payment plan limits.

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Once approved, you can go through the bill payment process as usual. Your total bill will be divided into monthly installments with a payment term of up to 24 months.

If you are shopping online, you’ll use the same process to pay through PayBright financing. Once your financing application is approved, your online order will be processed.

The payment terms, loan approval, and interest rate are set by PayBright. The Source does not set limits on these financing terms and conditions for its customers.

How Does the PayBright Financing for the Source Work?

Customers do not need to apply for PayBright financing externally when shopping at the Source. You can complete your online or in-store purchases as usual and select the PayBright payment option before paying.

Here is a quick guide to using PayBright financing at the Source.


There is no separate online or printed application form to apply for PayBright financing. All you have to do is to select PayBright at the counter or online before paying.

You’ll be redirected to the PayBright page to create an online account if you don’t have one already. Then, PayBright will evaluate your personal and financial details quickly before setting up your financing limit.

Once approved, you can see your credit limit and monthly payment plan. You can then proceed to pay for your purchases through monthly installments.

Approval Requirements

PayBright does not perform a hard credit check. So, there is no credit score or other financial qualification requirements by PayBright or the Source.

However, PayBright does evaluate your loan application through a soft credit check. Your credit limit will eventually depend on your creditworthiness.

Maximum Financing and Loan Term Limits

PayBright sets different financing limits for its partners and customers depending on their financial strengths. The maximum financing limit at the Source is $15,000.

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Your total approved loan amount will then be divided into 12 or 24 monthly installments. The Source has a maximum financing term of 24 months only.

Interest Rate

The interest rates on your PayBright financing are set depending on your credit profile. It means the higher the credit score, the lower your interest rate generally.

The Source financing interest rate ranges from 9.95% to 19.95% currently.

Return Policy

Even when you made your purchases through PayBright financing, you are entitled to the standard return policy of the Source.

You can return any damaged or wrong delivery items as you normally do without a financing plan.

Alternatives to PayBright Financing for the Source Customers

One drawback for the Source customers is the limited financing options for them. The Source only offers financing through PayBright.

However, you can use a few alternative financing options for easy payment plans.

Credit Cards

You can shop at the Source with your preferred credit card as well. If you get a better financing term through your favorite credit card like VISA or Mastercard, you should use it.

However, standard credit cards offered through banks come with higher interest rates. Third-party lenders like PayBright offer lower interest rates to attract more customers.

Personal Loans

You can apply for a personal loan if you don’t have a credit card or you have used it up for the maximum limit already.

Personal unsecured loans come with high-interest rates also. However, if you can pledge an asset and get a secured personal loan, you can save on interest as compared to the PayBright financing plan.

Payday Loans

Payday loans should only be used as a last resort as they come with the highest interest rates. However, if you cannot finance your purchases through any other options, you can use a private lender and get a payday loan to fund your purchases at the Source.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Source Financing Plan

Let us now answer a few frequently asked questions about the PayBright financing program of the Source.

Does the Source Offer Financing Directly?

No, the Source does not have a direct financing plan. Its financing program is offered through PayBright which is a partner of Affirm in Canada.

What is the Interest Rate on the Source Financing?

The interest rate of PayBright financing varies depending on the borrower’s credit profile. It currently ranges from 9.95% to 19.95%.

How to Make Monthly Payments through PayBright?

Your payment method will be set up by PayBright when you create an account. You can use a Canadian bank account, a credit card, or a debit card as a payment option to fund your PayBright account.

How to Cancel a Transaction?

If you want to return or cancel a purchase order, you’ll need to contact the Source customer support. Even if you used a payment plan through PayBright, you can cancel an order at any time.

What is the Source Return Policy if I Applied for the PayBright Financing?

The Source’s return policy is the same for all customers. If your order is canceled or returned, your refund will be adjusted by PayBright as well.

What Do You Need to Apply for PayBright Financing?

PayBright only performs a soft credit check. So, there are no specific credit score requirements by PayBright.

The Source also only requires you to be 18 or 19 years old to apply for financing. However, your interest rate, maximum financing limit, and payment term will be affected by your credit profile.

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