Does Walmart Have No Interest (0%) Financing?

Walmart does not have a 0% financing option but you can use Affirm to get a zero-interest payment plan.

You can also use your Walmart Capital One credit card to buy at Walmart with a 0% interest rate if you repay the full amount within the interest-free period.

Let us discuss what Walmart’s 0% financing options for you are and how you can use them effectively.

Does Walmart Have No Interest (0%) Financing?

Walmart does not offer a direct 0% financing plan. However, it has different offers that come with 0% financing. 

For example, Walmart has special deals on selective items offering no interest. Similarly, if you buy at Walmart through Capital One credit card and repay the full amount within the free period, you’ll pay no interest on your purchases. 

Another option for you to buy at Walmart with 0% is through Affirm. It is a third-party financing option for Walmart customers that offers easy monthly installments and zero-interest financing.

Alternatively, you can use your preferred bank credit card to buy at Walmart. Again, you’ll need to repay within the free period to avoid interest charges. Your remaining balance after the free period will cost you the standard APR charged by your bank. 

In short, although Walmart does not offer a direct 0% interest financing, you have different options to buy at a 0% interest rate.

Walmart Special Deals with 0% Financing

Walmart comes with special promotions and discounts, including 0% financing options. For example, it has a 0% interest offer for Samsung TVs and Home Theatres currently. 

Walmart has a wide range of items and brands offering 0% interest financing. However, it is not a blanket offer and does not cover all items. 

You can search for your four favorite items listed on Walmart’s online and retail stores to find out which ones have zero-interest offers going on. 

Your standard purchases can also be financed with 0% interest financing, depending on which type of payment plan you use.

Affirm 0% Financing at Walmart

Your best option to buy at 0% interest at Walmart is through Affirm. Affirms is a leading private lender brand that partners with global retailers to offer flexible payment methods to customers. 

Affirm offers a “Buy Now, Pay Later” program that lets you buy now at 0% interest and repay over 4 fixed installments. 

If you repay the full amount in 4 fixed installments, you do not pay interest charges. However, if you have a remaining balance at the end of the payment term, you’ll repay the balance amount with accrued interest charges. 

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You can also choose a monthly payment plan that comes with standard APR through Affirm. The monthly payment plans vary from 3- to 24 months depending on your total purchases.

Here are a few key points to note with Affirm payment plans for Walmart customers. 

0% APR applies to selected items and does not cover all categories. 

0% APR is applicable only when you repay the full amount in 4 equal installments. 

The monthly payment plan is offered on purchases of $144 and above with a maximum limit of $2,000.

Depending on your creditworthiness and total purchase amount, your credit term can range from 3 to 24 months.

Affirm does not affect your credit score as it only performs a soft credit check. 

How Does 0% Financing Work at Walmart?

0% financing through Affirm is available only for online shopping currently. You can choose the monthly payment plan for online and in-store purchases. 

Eligible Categories

0% financing through Affirm is not available for all items listed on You should relevant products and categories to find the right match. 

Eligible Categories for 0% financing include:

  • Electronics and video games 
  • Arts & crafts 
  • Toys, musical instruments, 
  • Home improvement 
  • Auto, sports & outdoors 
  • Jewelry and apparel. 

How to apply?

You can apply for 0% financing online before making the payment. 

Create an account with Affirm by providing your personal information. 

  • Visit the link to apply for 0% financing. 
  • Choose your monthly payment plan by entering the total purchase amount. 
  • Generate the barcode to show at the Walmart counter or proceed for online checkout. 


When you apply for a Walmart Capital One or Walmart Reward credit card, you can check your eligibility through prequalification. 

It saves you time and also does not affect your credit score. However, prequalification is not available through Affirm financing as it does not put a hard credit check. 

Credit Score Requirement

There is no exact credit score requirement listed by Walmart or its partners. Affirm does not require a credit score to approve your financing application. 

However, Capital One may decide your credit card limit and application approval depending on your credit score. 

Applicable APR

0% financing does not have a set interest rate as long as you repay the full amount with 4 equal installments. 

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Depending on your purchases, your APR will vary from 10%-30% with Affirm. 

Walmart Reward Credit Card comes with an APR of 26.99%. The Capital One Credit Card comes with variable APR of 17.99%, 23.24%, and 26.99%. 

Walmart Capital One Credit Card

Walmart offers two credit cards issued by Capital One bank. Both these cards can be used for purchases at Walmart stores, online, and at gas stations.

Walmart Capital One credit card comes with the following features:

  • 5% cash back on online shopping 
  • 2% cash back on Walmart stores, fuel stations, and partner restaurants 
  • 1% cash back on other transactions where Mastercard is accepted 
  • A variable interest rate of 17.99%, 23.24%, and 26.99% 
  • Cash advance APR is a 26.99% variable rate 
  • Protected with $0 fraud liability cover and security features 

Walmart Capital One credit card applications are processed by Capital One bank. You can apply online for a credit card. Your credit card limit will depend on your credit score though. 

Walmart Reward Credit Card

Walmart Reward credit card is a private-labeled credit card offered through Capital One Bank. It comes with similar offers and promotions as the co-branded credit card. 

However, this reward credit card can be used at, for in-store purchases, and at fuel stations only. You cannot use this card for purchases in other places. 

The reward credit card has similar promotions and cash-back reward offers. It comes with a variable APR of 26.99% and a $0 annual fee. 

Walmart Financing Alternatives

If you find yourself short of financing options offered by Walmart, you can always use alternative financing options as well. 

Credit Cards

You can use your preferred credit card like VISA, American Express, Discover, or Mastercard issued by your favorite bank. 

All major credit cards come with 0% financing options for an interest-free period. However, your credit card limit and standard APR will vary depending on your credit score and the lender bank’s policy. 

Personal Loans

Personal loans are also useful options for customers with no credit cards. If you cannot create an account with Affirm or have used it already, you can opt for a personal loan to make purchases at Walmart. 

The availability and APR of personal loans are easier in several cases. Particularly when your personal loan is secured against a pledged asset as collateral. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart 0% Financing

Let us answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Walmart’s 0% financing and credit cards. 

What is the Credit Score Requirement for 0% Financing at Walmart? 

Affirm does not require a specific credit score for its 0% financing. It only performs a soft credit check on your credit history. 

What is the Maximum Financing Term with Affirm?

Affirm offers monthly payment plans from 3 to 24 months depending on your total purchase amount at Walmart.

If your purchase total is from $144 to $799, your financing term will be up to 12 months. If your purchase total is from $800 to $2,000, your financing term will be up to 24 months.

What is the Standard APR for Walmart Monthly Payment Plans?

0% APR applies only to selected products and if you repay with 4 equal installments. Other APRs are variable and can range from 17.99%, 23.24%, and 26.99%.

What if the Interest Rates Shown by Affirm and Walmart are Different? 

0% interest rate is offered by Walmart on promotional items only. Also, affirm offers 0% financing with 4 equal installment plans only.

Your APR will depend on the payment method. Affirm and Walmart Credit Cards come with different interest rates.

Is 0% Financing by Affirm Available at Walmart Stores as Well? 

No, the 0% financing option by Affirm is currently not available at store outlets.

How to Make Monthly Payments with Affirm Monthly Payment Plan? 

You can pay through a credit card, a debit card, or by linking your checking account with your Affirm account to pay for your monthly payments.

What is the Difference Between Two Walmart Credit Cards?

Walmart Reward credit card is a private-labeled credit card and it can only be used at Walmart stores, fuel stations, and

Walmart Capital Credit Card is the standard Mastercard that you can use anywhere.

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