What Is Greenfield Investment?

A definitive market entry process an organization may seek after on its own is by constructing an entirely owned subsidiary in the target market. It is a type of foreign direct investment and is known as Greenfield investment. Greenfield projects are an approach to expand into emerging business sectors. They generally include a parent firm setting up a subsidiary or project in a foreign country.

Greenfield Investment Definition

Greenfield investment definition includes a kind of foreign direct investment (FDI) where an organization begins its activity in different countries. This investment is typically set up as its subsidiary and puts resources into the development of workplaces, plants, destinations, building items, and so on. Subsequently dealing with its tasks and accomplishing the most significant level of the powers over its exercises.

Example of Greenfield Investment and How it Works

Assume an organization ABC Inc. has its headquarters in the US. The organization conducts examinations to know the demand for its item in another country. Research of that country’s market revealed that there is a massive amount of demand for the item of the organization in that country. Hence, it is most likely to get a decent client base over there.

As a result, the administration of the organization chooses to extend its business by launching its subsidiary organization in that country. The rest of the operations begin there from the initial tasks by developing new production houses, offices, and workplaces. This investment by the organization ABC Inc. in another foreign country in the form of making a subsidiary over there will be considered as the Greenfield investment.

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Likewise, the organization will deal with all the activities utilizing its workforce and not simply putting away its cash, unlike in case the other type of foreign direct investment where the usual tasks are being monitored is not supervised by the funding organization. So, this is an e.g. of the Greenfield Investment.

Top 5 Examples of Real-World of Companies Undertaken Greenfield Investment

  1. In 2006, Hyundai Motors did a Greenfield investment by building up another production unit in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic government has given sponsorships and tax assistance.
  2. In 2007, Mercedes Benz joined the Indian market by buying 100 acres of land in Pune, Maharashtra, for building up its new production unit.
  3. In 2015, Toyota Motors had chosen to establish its new plant in Mexico under Greenfield Investment. The complete expense of setting up the office was near $ 1.5 billion.
  4. 2 years ago, British Petroleum has expanded its Greenfield investment bringing the organization’s investment stock in the country to more than $30 billion.
  5. In 2018, a ride-sharing organization, Careem (situated in the UAE; presently possessed by Uber Technologies Inc.) began working in the capital Khartoum and decided to extend more in the following few years.

When Should Business Choose Greenfield Investment?

Huge, global organizations frequently use Greenfield investment. When that organization needs to grow its market share, increment benefits, reposition itself or procure new assets and innovation, it can meet these vital goals.

Its methodologies are amazing alternatives for organizations confronting trade struggles, that probably won’t have the option to export to a market, or when governments in the target market favor other domestic products.

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In order to make this kind of investment a reasonable technique, organizations should have the option to invest in a durable market and have the techniques to deal with significant levels of danger. The market of interest should likewise be one that upholds foreign investment.

Benefits of Greenfield Investment

1. It assists with increasing excellent control and managing the brand image. Investors of these investments are presented with a high level of power over the project.

2. It generates an occupation for individuals if the country where Greenfield speculations happen as when the tasks are being set up in an alternate country, at that point the greater part of the staff are usually being enrolled from that country only, expanding the employment there.

3. Necessities for an intermediary in a Greenfield investment are disregarded totally, bringing about a great level of power over the entire plan just as autonomy, which is profitable for the organization who is investing its cash in different countries.

4. Clients and potential customers will get a decent impression that the organization is focused on the market and its setting.

5. Press prospects to enhance as the organization doing a Greenfield investment are introducing another new yet old business branch in another country.

6. Application of lasting schemes due to this investments turns out to be simple; however, the organization gets productive to variations and beginnings concerning it.

7. Corporations arriving at the fresh market through Greenfield investment acquire absolute predominance over the items and administrations produced or sold by them since such an organization is now strong monetarily when contrasted with different organizations.

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Common Problems Usually Encountered By Greenfield Investment

1. It needs a large sum of capital use, which points to an immense measure of lending and loans, and hence the interest load is huge.

2. It includes offering a plan outside the country of union; organizing, directing, and establishing turns out to be troublesome. Thus, in general, the administration cannot be controlled successfully.

3. Large fixed costs are engaged with producing an investment in another country by the parent organization.


Prerequisites for a facilitator under a Greenfield investment are eliminated totally. This brings about a high measure of command over the entire project just as freedom. It can be helpful for the organization who is putting its cash in different countries, and yet, it requires a tremendous sum of capital amount, which requires a huge amount of loan taking which may result in a high-interest load.

So, the choice for the venture ought to be taken after a legitimate investigation of the market and considering the different threats and opportunities at hand.

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